Precise Formwork Limited

Services Provided by Precise

We can tailor our services individually to each project: however when we provide Formwork we always insist on Placing the Concrete. This is because sabotage can occur and the Formwork can be 'blown' due to incorrect 'placing' techniques.

Engineering 'Setting-Out' In the form of Gridlines, Levels, Starting Points etc provided by our operatives.
Formwork Supporting Formwork/ Shuttering to support the Concrete. Final product is cast and the supporting Formwork removed.
Reinforcement Steel-Fixing/ Steel Reinforcement inside the Concrete Structure to provide strength.
Concrete Placement At Precise Formwork we place all our own Concrete as sabotage can occur and often many operatives do not place Concrete properly and this can have a detrimental effect on the Formwork/ final product.